Asphalt Plant

We’ve got your driveway designed, sub graded and your crushed rock down and compacted. The next thing you need is asphalt. Right here at Knife River Spokane, we have a state of the art plant. We’re going to go through and I’m going to show you all the things needed to make a great asphalt driveway with quality control.

Quality asphalt driveways start with quality material like this rock right here. They are all fractured, no round rocks, all cracked. This is very important and is a formulated mix. There are all different sizes of rock to make a perfect blend of asphalt for your driveway.

You’ll notice there are 4 different hoppers. These mix the different rocks to make the blend. Here is where all the asphalt for your driveway gets heated and mixed. The rock goes up the belt, the gas flame heats the drum, it rotates, the rock gets mixed up and the recycled asphalt is added along with the oil. Then the asphalt goes up the belt into the silo where it is stored and waits to be put into the truck.

The recycled asphalt product (R.A.P.) we use in your driveway mix is of the highest grade, and with our state of the art plant we have complete control over the processing of the R.A.P. It is run through a crushing process and it is screened and sized for our different products. It is tested several times a day, saves money for you and the company, and is good for the environment. We have also put in place a pipe that captures any dust and leads it to the bag house. This captures any particles and pollution from escaping into the atmosphere.