About Us

The two things that Knife River stands for are safety for our employees, and integrity in how we do business.

Integrity boils down to the Golden Rule, doing what we know is the right thing to do. Some companies get hung up on the notion that if their competitors aren’t doing it then why should we? We have the support of the Knife River Corporation and the resources to do our business the right way, and we do what we know is right. That is what sets us apart from other asphalt driveway companies.

Knife River is an American owned company and is one of the few that can still claim this, and we think this is important. Isn’t that something you look for and consider as an American when purchasing your products? Quality and on time delivery are how we compete with foreign competition.

We are all struggling through this recession, but with a company based on integrity, treating the customer right, giving you what you expect, and dealing with our customers upfront and honestly is how we are going to come out of this recession a stronger company that we can be proud of.

Being backed by our huge corporation and MDU, we can share equipment and people, along with having a lot of buying power. This means that if we get a job that is a little out of our expertise level, we have all kinds of people to ask in our company, and we never have to outsource.

Knife River with MDU resources have been around for a long time and just got named a Fortune 500 Company. They’ve paid dividends to their stock holders every year for 50 years, including the great depression. So if you’re looking for a company that has strength and history behind them, and will stand behind what you want done, you can’t get any better then Knife River. We’ve been here for 50 years and were going to be here for the next 50 years.